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Thank you so much for organising or attending this hospital visit.

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Suggested post 1 (for hospital comms team)

We were delighted that today our local MP, @[insert MP Twitter handle] visited our liver unit at [insert hospital name or handle]. They met with and spoke with clinicians and patients about the #LiverDisease crisis facing the UK. #MakeEarlyDiagnosisRoutine @LiverTrust

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Suggested post 2 (for hospital comms team)

We are facing a growing fatty #LiverDisease crisis in the UK, affecting up to 1 in 5 people. Today @[insert MP Twitter handle] visited our liver unit to learn what needs to be done to tackle this rising issue of preventing #obesity, #NAFLD & #NASH. @LiverTrust

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Suggested post 3 (for MPs)

Today I got the opportunity to visit my local liver unit. I was shocked to learn that liver disease has doubled in 20 years. I support calls from @LiverTrust to improve the early detection of #LiverDisease and save lives.

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Suggested post 4 (for MPs)

90% of #LiverDisease is preventable. Yet 3/4 of people are diagnosed in hospital with cirrhosis when it’s too late for effective intervention. Speaking with patients at [insert hospital Twitter handle] emphasised that early access to liver scans is essential. @LiverTrust