Government consultation on labelling of ‘low alcohol’ products

Posted on: 14th November 2018

The British Liver Trust recently contributed to the Government’s consultation on the labelling or descriptions used for ‘low alcohol’ products.

The result of the consultation supported the move to remain with the existing four descriptors set in the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 but to continue these through guidance.

The four voluntary descriptors that are used are:

  • Low alcohol – product must be 1.2% ABV or below
  • Non-alcoholic – Shall not be used in conjunction with a name commonly associated with an alcoholic drink, except in the composite name “non-alcoholic wine” when that composite name is used in accordance with regulation 43
  • Alcohol free – product must be 0.05% ABV or below
  • De-alcoholised – product must be 0.5% ABV or lower

The Department for Health and Social Care will aim to have guidance in place regarding the descriptors when the legislation expires. As part of the guidance commitment they will keep the descriptors under review.