Georgia’s top fundraising tips

Posted on: 1st July 2021

Today is national Thank You Day and there are so many people we'd like to thank this year, from healthcare professionals and other key workers, to our many wonderful supporters.

We'd also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who fundraises for us. Without you, we simply couldn't continue our vital work providing information and support to people with liver disease and liver cancer, and campaigning for earlier diagnosis and better care.

One of our wonderful fundraisers, Georgia, has raised hundreds of pounds to support liver disease patients. She shares her top fundraising tips with us here to help others get the most out of their event. Thank you, Georgia!

1.Do some fun events that you’ll enjoy.

"You’ll be able to raise more money by doing something you’re enthusiastic about and something you know your friends and family will love too!

"I did an afternoon tea for friend and family. I made all the food and everyone paid £5 to come. I asked the British Liver Trust for a fundraising pot to put out for people to donate into when they came. I had a raffle going on that even people who couldn’t make it took part in.

2. People will donate more when they hear the story behind it.

"I have a Virgin Money Marathon donation page that I share on all my social media platforms. I found that 7am/7.30am and 7.30pm/8pm were the best times to post as it’s before people start work or have finished working.

"Try not to share too much though otherwise it won’t grab people’s attention and make them click on the link.

"Do get your friends and family to share the link with their friends and colleagues, you’ll be surprised how many people will donate when they’ve heard why you’re raising funds.

3. Keep everyone up to date with your progress

"Keep friends and family posted with how close you are to your target, and your training and fundraising events you have coming up. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. It’s so amazing to be raising money for this charity. Good luck, you’ll be incredible!"

Get involved

If you've been inspired by Georgia's tips, visit our fundraising pages for more information on how you could raise funds to help support our vital work.

If you'd like to get involved in national Thank You Day, head over to its official website for inspiration.