Dry January and post festivities detoxing

Posted on: 4th January 2017

With the festivities over and people maybe thinking about using the new year as a time for resolutions, in an article published today, the Trusts Chief Executive, Andrew Langford states that faddy diets, detox teas and juicing plans may make you feel virtuous, but there’s little evidence they have any real effect.

“If you look after your liver and it functions well, it will detox the body naturally,” he explains.

“The two most effective ways to look after your liver are to watch your alcohol intake and maintain a healthy weight.”

Unfortunately not everyone looks after their liver. Liver disease is the third most common cause of premature death in the UK – with more than 40 people dying from it daily. What’s more, the average age of death from liver disease is 57, compared to 80 for cancer, stroke and lung disease.

However, 90% of liver disease is avoidable, says Andrew.

“We are facing an epidemic of liver disease,” he warns. “Obesity – not alcohol – is now the main cause of liver damage in America. And in the UK, alcohol and obesity-related liver disease is continuing to rise. The real double-whammy is if you’re overweight and you drink too much.”

The article goes on to talk about the effectiveness of 'Dry January' with tips on how to Love Your Liver.

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