Coffee shown to protect against a host of deadly diseases

Posted on: 22nd June 2016

'Drinking coffee protects the liver against a number of diseases, a major report has concluded', says an article published online today discussing the launch of the British Liver Trust's latest report.

'Until recently, experts warned against having more than a few cups of coffee a day for fear it might cause cancer, but its medical rehabilitation is well under way.

Last week the World Health Organisation withdrew its previous warnings on the link between coffee and bladder cancer, and instead said the drink could, in fact, help protect against certain cancers that affect the womb and liver.

The British Liver Trust today adds to the growing weight of evidence around the health benefits of drinking coffee, publishing an 83-page report summarising all existing research on the subject. 

It concludes that coffee protects against fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis – all severe conditions which can be fatal.

And for those who already have liver disease, drinking coffee can slow its progression.'