Cases of Hepatitis E on the rise

Posted on: 25th July 2016
Latest figures are showing a rise in the number of cases of Hepatitis E, a virus that can be picked up from raw meat. Figures show there were 1,054 incidents of the liver illness in 2014 — five times more than the 178 cases in 2009.Hepatitis E can be passed to humans through raw or insufficiently cooked meat, particularly pork. The symptoms which can be flu-like and include sickness, fatigue, jaundice and stomach pain do not generally appear for two to nine weeks. Most people recover in about a month but it can be a lot more serious in pregnant women and those with liver disease already

Andrew Langford, the Trust's Chief Executive said: “It really is important that all of us are aware of Hepatitis E. We should make sure any meat is cooked through properly.”

He said Hepatitis E was not a well-known disease in 2009 and the cause of its rise needs “to be better defined”.

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