Office party revellers urged to do Dry January

Posted on: 15th December 2017

On the day that sees the largest number of us head out to the annual  office party, the British Liver Trust is urging people to sign up for Dry January. The latest figures show that alcohol related liver disease is likely to overtake heart disease as the UK’s leading medical cause of premature death. 

The British Liver Trust is delighted to be one of the official partners of Dry January, as a month off alcohol can be a great way for people to re-set their drinking patterns. However, the key message to really ‘Love Your Liver’ is that you need to have three alcohol-free days every week all year round.   

 “Dry January is a great way to begin to Love Your Liver” said Judi Rhys, Chief Executive British Liver Trust. “However, stopping for a month and then bingeing on alcohol is not the answer; Dry January should be seen as the impetus to change your relationship with alcohol forever.  The British Liver Trust recommends that you have two to three consecutive alcohol-free days every week. Encourage friends and family to support the British Liver Trust during Dry January and you could be doing more than simply helping people with liver disease – you could be saving their life.”

Clare Hutton, from Warwickshire, aged 43, was diagnosed with liver disease five years ago and very nearly lost her life. She said “I really liked the taste of alcohol, and enjoyed it.  Like many people I drank socially – but I do admit I drank every day. I only wish I’d known the harm that it was doing to me. I nearly lost everything – my career, my home, my family. I ended up divorced and my children now have to live with their dad. Stopping for a month can help you realise the harm that alcohol is doing to you and put you on track for a healthier lifestyle. Don’t be like me and wait until you have serious problems. If you are going to do Dry January, please raise money for the British Liver Trust – either by getting sponsorship or donating the money you usually spend on alcohol.”

The British Liver Trust is an official partner of Dry January, which is run by national charity Alcohol Concern, which merged with Alcohol Research UK in April to become an even stronger advocate for a world in which alcohol causes no harm

Dr Richard Piper, CEO of Alcohol Concern/Alcohol Research UK, said:

“Dry January is a national campaign which changes lives, giving people the impetus and support they need to re-set their relationship with alcohol for January and beyond. The benefits are astounding: 49% of people lose weight, while 62% sleep better and a whopping 79% save money.

“Alcohol is the biggest cause of death, ill-health and disability for people aged 15-49 in the UK – but these tragedies are all totally avoidable. Dry January is growing year-on-year as more people across the country decide to take control of their drinking and reap the benefits, both in how they feel now and for their future health.”

To sign up for Dry January visit