More than 1 in 10 visitors to liver health roadshow required follow-up tests for Liver Disease

Posted on: 15th May 2018

Hundreds of people received advice and tests for liver disease when the Love Your Liver campaign, a health roadshow run by The British Liver Trust, hit the streets of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh from 21st to 24th April 2018.

During the four-day roadshow in Scotland, more than 400 men and women completed the Love Your Liver screening test and 391 individuals were given free liver scans performed by local clinicians. 15% of those scanned (58 individuals) were urged to follow-up the results of their scan with their GP.

The roadshow, which was supported by a grant from the National Lottery, comprised a Love Your Liver mobile unit where members of the public could take a free online screening test to find out if they were at risk of liver disease. Visitors were also offered a free liver health scan performed by clinicians using a non-invasive device.

One visitor to the roadshow in Dundee said, “I was worried and have to see my GP but I have caught it before it got worse. Today was great and I feel knowledge is power.”

Another visitor in Edinburgh said, “Staff and support have been really helpful in helping me understand more about liver health and health measures I can put in place.”

Judi Rhys, Chief Executive, British Liver Trust said, “This is what our Love Your Liver campaign is all about, educating the public how to take better care of their liver and making sure we detect liver disease at the earliest stage. The number of people being screened and scanned, and visiting a GP as a result, is a great demonstration of the impact of the event on the general public.

“We rely on voluntary donations to run these events so what we are able to address is just the tip of the iceberg. At the moment three quarters of people are diagnosed with liver disease in an emergency setting when the options for treatment are limited. We need the success of the Roadshow to act as a catalyst for the NHS to ensure that everyone in Britain is appropriately assessed for risk factors for liver disease and screened if necessary in a primary care setting.”

Dr Ewan Forrest, Hepatologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary said, “We were delighted to work with the British Liver Trust to raise awareness of the need to look after your liver and offer free screening and scans in Glasgow.  Millions of people in the UK are at risk of developing liver disease so awareness is vital to improving early diagnosis.  The liver is just as vital an organ as the heart but people often fail to appreciate the importance of keeping it healthy.”

The Love Your Liver campaign encourages the best possible liver health for all through encouraging prevention, raising awareness of the risk factors and promoting early detection.

Liver disease is largely preventable. More than 90% is due to three main risk factors: obesity, alcohol and viral hepatitis. The British Liver Trust’s Love Your Liver campaign focuses on three simple steps to Love Your Liver back to health:

  • Drink within recommended limits and have three consecutive days off alcohol every week
  • Cut down on sugar, carbohydrates and fat and take more exercise
  • Know the risk factors for viral hepatitis and get tested or vaccinated if at risk

If you would like to check your liver health online please visit the British Liver Trust’s screening tool: