Keeping a healthy weight

Weight has important links with liver disease. Whether you have liver disease or want to reduce the risk of developing it in the future, keeping your weight in a healthy range can help you stay well. That means a weight that it isn't too high or too low for you.

This page will help you understand whether your weight is healthy and give you information and advice on losing weight and avoiding weight gain. If you are struggling to lose weight, or would need to lose a lot of weight to get to a healthy BMI, speak to your doctor. They could refer you to a local weight loss programme, or to a dedicated weight management service if needed.

People with liver disease can also be at risk of being underweight. This is more common among people who have been diagnosed with cirrhosis or who are experiencing eating difficulties such as loss of appetite or feeling sick (nausea). You might need to change what and how you eat to make sure you get the nourishment your body needs. Speak to your doctor or dietitian for advice on how to increase your calories and protein intake. You can also read our advice on diet for people with cirrhosis and coping with eating difficulties.

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