Diagnosis and tests for autoimmune hepatitis

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You might find out you have autoimmune hepatitis during tests for other health problems. If your GP suspects you have autoimmune hepatitis they will do some blood tests and then refer you to a liver specialist.

This will either be a hepatologist (a doctor who specialises in liver disease) or a gastroenterologist (a doctor who specialises in the digestive system).

They will try to find out what the problem is and how damaged your liver is. This will include a thorough medical history, physical examination, special blood tests and scans. Most people also need a liver biopsy. Blood tests, scans and biopsies are usually carried out at a hospital.

It is important to give your doctors as much information as you can. This includes other autoimmune diseases or health conditions you have. This will help them to diagnose your condition correctly and give you the right care. An early diagnosis can often mean your treatment will be more effective.