What are we demanding?

Since 1970, deaths due to liver disease have increased by 400%. Every day, over 40 people die from liver disease in the UK.

Thousands of people are dying of liver disease unnecessarily because of late diagnosis and lack of access to specialist care.

We are calling for the government to implement:

  1. Primary care liver detection and management pathways to be put in place across the UK
  2. Healthchecks in those aged over 40 to be routinely used to find those at risk
  3. Automated processes in GP surgeries to identify at risk patients and to manage appropriate follow-up
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Jade's story

Having a newborn son should have been the happiest time for Jade and her family. However two months after giving birth, Jade was admitted to hospital, and never returned home.

It all started when Jade woke up with yellow eyes. She visited the doctors, and was sent for blood tests but no further action was taken.

Ten days later, her feet began to swell. Again, she went to her doctor, and this time was admitted to hospital.

But it was too late. Two weeks later, Jade died.

Jade had been suffering from Autoimmune Hepatitis. A condition which had gone undiagnosed for too long.

She left behind her newborn baby, and two-year-old son. She was only 27.

For 75% of liver patients, by the time you’re diagnosed, it is too late for effective treatment. More needs to be done so stories like Jade’s are never repeated.

Demand faster diagnosis for liver patients.

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