Our Strategy

Raising Awareness, Transforming Lives

We want to achieve real change in liver health across the UK to save and improve lives for all.  

Our strategy is summarised below. You can also take a look at the Executive Summary of our Business Plan for 2016 to 2021.

Best Possible Liver Health for All

  • Prevent as many people as possible from developing liver disease
  • Campaign for the best possible care, treatment and support
  • Increase knowledge and awareness on all liver health issues
  • Fund and support research
  • To be aspirational
  • To be effective leaders in promoting the best possible liver health
  • To be impactful; To be compassionate and caring
  • To always have integrity in everything we do
  • To strive for equality and excellence in everything we do
  • To improve liver health and wellbeing in the UK
  • To act as an advocate and be the voice for people with liver disease and their carers
  • To deliver excellent support and advice about liver health
  • To be known as an excellent resource for all those affected by liver disease
  • To be effective in raising awareness of the risk factors of developing liver disease and promoting early diagnosis
  • To support research into better care for patients and potential cures