Patients with cirrhosis invited to take part in liver cancer surveillance workshop

Posted on: 30th June 2022

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust in collaboration with the University of Manchester are hosting an online involvement workshop in July. The workshop will be introducing a research project about monitoring people with cirrhosis, who are at higher risk of getting liver cancer.

They are eager to involve people with the following lived experience;

  • People who have cirrhosis, whether or not they have been offered regular follow-up tests (‘surveillance’)
  • People with experience of diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer
  • People with experience of caring for someone with cirrhosis or liver cancer
  • People with an interest in accessible communication about benefits and harms (particularly of screening programmes)

They are especially interested to hear the views of those from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic heritage.

Participants do not need any prior experience of research and will be offered reimbursement for their time.

What does the workshop involve?

You will be asked questions, such as: What blood tests and scans we should use to look for liver cancer? How often should we look? Should we even be looking at all? How should clinicians explain the benefits and risks of monitoring to patients?

You will have the opportunity to contribute and give feedback on the relevance and usefulness of the project.

There will also be an opportunity to express interest in becoming a public co-investigator – an equal member of the research group.

When and where is the workshop being held?

Wednesday 20th July between 4 – 6pm, on the online platform Zoom

If you would like to take part

Please email the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Team, Research and Innovation NUH:

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