Bronagh’s story

I am 39 years old from Northern Ireland, married and we have a 10 year old son. In May 2014 I started to feel unwell, very tired, no energy, being sick, no appetite, losing weight, itchy skin, swollen tummy. In early June I went to my GP, who noticed I was slightly jaundiced, he referred me to Antrim area hospital where scans showed up fatty liver and scar tissue. I was then sent to the royal in Belfast had further scans and biopsy s done.

The consultants were baffled as what had caused this... I’ve been in and out of hospital since that and have had fluid drained on several occasions. I worked up until March 2015. I wanted to keep going but eventually enough was enough. My husband has been a total rock throughout out all of this, I never would have done it without him... it’s our wee man I feel for…he is always saying “nobody else’s mammy sleeps during the day” 🙁

I had a ng and nj feeding tube in for 2 months which has given me a good head start on my weight.

We went to Kings Cross in London where I was accepted on the transplant list…weighing less than 7stone and bmi at 15… that was in May 15. Now my weight is 8 stone and bmi at 18. I have been activated on the list 31 July 2015.

My life depends on a donor; my brother died 22yrs ago and donated his organs,  I never thought I would be in a similar situation...

My son needs a mother, and my husband needs a wife...


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