Stay on top of your drinking with Spruce

One of our key aims at British Liver Trust is to reduce the number of people affected by preventable liver disease. The main cause of preventable liver disease is alcohol, and whilst many people know that you need to have alcohol-free days for the health of your liver, it can be difficult to achieve.

We have developed an App to encourage people to take 3 days off alcohol a week, and drink sensibly when they do. Spruce is a service that helps people to reduce their drinking by supporting them to take three consecutive days off a week; this gives the liver the time it needs to regenerate.

It´s all too easy to have a drink most nights - a quick one after work or a glass or two of wine with dinner – but even drinking small amounts frequently can lead to liver damage. This is where Spruce comes in. Unlike many other alcohol related apps that try to get users to log every drink on a night out, Spruce is the first which focuses on the frequency of drinking.

Download Spruce now and look after your liver. It’s free so you have no excuses!