BBC Panorama to highlight ‘Britain’s Drink Problem’

Posted on: 10th June 2019

Tonight, the BBC aired a Panorama programme focusing on alcohol harm in the UK. The Britain’s Drink Problem episode highlights the dangers of alcohol misuse and explores why more isn’t being done to tackle the issue.

You can watch the episode here:

The British Liver Trust worked closely with the producers of the programme to provide vital information about liver disease, alcohol misuse and what needs to be done to tackle the issue.  We also put them in contact with someone who suffered from alcohol-related liver disease.

We need the government to take action immediately

Alcohol is the leading cause of liver disease in the UK accounting for 60% of all liver disease diagnoses and mortality rates from alcohol-related liver disease has increased by 400% since 1970.

The British Liver Trust has been calling for the Government to develop and implement a National Alcohol Strategy. We need a joined-up approach that has treatment at the heart of a broader suite of interventions to reduce alcohol harm.

There has been a big shift in the UK’s drinking culture and one in five adults drink alcohol at a harmful level. To make a lasting change, we need to tackle prevention. This means as well as providing effective treatment and supporting those people with alcohol problems, we need a population wide approach.  The Government needs to address this through taxation, stronger controls on the advertising and marketing of alcohol and better labelling so consumers can make an informed choice.